Robin some IP success

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Mar 23, 2004
Went with my wife before to try to get Robin Williams going in. He apparantly pulled in and saw 70 people waiting on him and went in the back door of the theatre. After the show(10 minutes before show ended) there was around 15 people where people usually come out. A lady from his 'posse' came out and told us that he likes to sign and meet people but to avoid a crowd like that was there earlier he was going out a side door and to go over to it. The venue security came out and said he was going to come out and sign 1 per person if he signed. He came out and was really cool. I had a 11x14 poster of Mrs. Doubtfire which unfortunately he signed in black across the darkest part and then signed an 8x10 from August Rush. My wife had 3 of the 4 Rolling Stones he was on and he gladly signed all 3. He basically signed pretty much everything anyone had and then took pics with everyone...


RObin Williams-1 11x14, 1 8x10, 3 Rolling Stones, and a pic with
I heard about his signing habits from the shows he did in Michigan, also wonderful to deal with like you said. The only thing he won't sign is pictures of him and alcoholic beverages as he is still in recovery from my understanding. I like the idea of the Mrs. Doubtfire poster a lot!
congrats, I heard he signs all his fan mail while on his flights

He told someone here at a different show when asked about his mail recently 'Do you realize how much I get? I have to hire people to take care of it for me' Don't know if he was joking or what but I had read that about his flights as well. If I had known he was going to sign that well I would have brought a baseball with me for ya.
Would you be willing to sell/trade one of the autos? He has always been my favorite actor and the chances of me getting to meet him living in Mississippi is slim to none :( Great pickup, congrats!