Rules Section #3

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Dimple Boy

Jul 10, 2010
Sorry to start another thread here guys; however, whenever I try to respond to you, for some reason, the thread gets closed; therefore, I need to open up another thread.

Ok, so what I'm getting is that you aren't permitted to sell anything on this site until you have at least 20 trades? Is that correct?

And you aren't supposed to post in someone else's thread? Is that correct?

According to the rules, it is strongly encouraged that posts are to be consolidated, however.

Am I on the right track here? Someone please clarify. Thanks! :)

Can't sell until 20 trades is completed.
Can't post on someone else's thread to sell or trade unless you are offering to sell or trade to the member who started the thread.
Consolidate post.
You are correct that one must have 20 Bench points in order to sell. You are allowed to post in other people's threads, but you cannot offer something for sale until you reach 20 Bench points. For example, if I start a thread asking for any and all Josh Hamilton cards and you have something I need but we can't agree on a trade, you cannot offer to sell it until you reach 20 Bench points.

When starting multiple threads, you must try to consolidate your threads as best a possible. For example, I collect Josh Hamilton, Phil Hughes, Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly stuff. If I decide to start s thread asking for anything and everything of these guys, I put it all in one thread, rather than having 4 threads asking for each player individually.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM either me or any other mod.
Read the rules and give it a rest man, you have been here for no time at all and all these other folks have been here for a long time. They have no trouble fitting in and following the rules. If you are not happy with them please feel free to post on another site. Thanks
Not open for further replies.