Set collectors, well, how far along are you with your set(s)?


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Here are my statistics.

I've maintained forever that the 64, 73, and 74 Topps are not really sets, I just try to get what I can. There are simply too many deceased and HOFer to reasonably complete them. The others are true sets however. I'm just starting the 2003 Topps but will be adding 50 more before the end of the year. Many of you know that 1990 Leaf is the one I'm most passionate about, I just need 21 more to reach 75%, maybe before the end of the year.


How about you???


I am with you on the 1979 Topps not being a "true" set. Not counting the team cards, record breakers, and rookie cards there were just over 525 living players from the set when I started in 2013.

Since then we have lost George Scott, Ed Hermann, Bobby Castillo, Bob Welch, Rick Camp, and Dave Bergman.

I am up to 292 cards right now.

So far I have only paid for Garvey, Gossage, Gura, Cleveland, Leonard, Perry, Dawson, Niekro, Fingers, Otis, Horner, Johnstone, Blue, Richard, and Wise.

There are about twenty more guys who want between $5 and $10 each, and then you get into the HOF group and the prices really escalate. I'll probably try to work on Winfield, Carlton, Bench, and Fisk for birthdays and holidays.

It has been fun the whole way though. The 79 set was my first set as a kid. I love the cards and the players for the most part have been great.


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1997 Fleer, 500 cards in the base set (not doing the update set). My first one was Ruben Rivera, got him to sign in blue sharpie in the food court of a mall where there was a baseball card show. The autograph really popped since those cards are on regular cardboard (not glossy) and most of the photos are light.

I currently have 332/500 signed, all in person, none through paid signings. The only one of the deceased players that I have is Tony Gwynn (the other four being Rod Beck, Ken Caminiti, Daryl Kile, and Kirby Puckett). After years of doing Spring Training in Florida, I went out to Arizona for the first time for ST and got 6 I needed within one week (Damon Mashore, Eric Karros, Mark McGwire, Walt Weiss, Mike Fetters, and Roberto Kelly). A few guys like Mark Grace, Eric Young, and Randy Johnson walked right by me. The last active player in the set that I needed was Alex Rodriguez, and I got him in Tampa this spring. There are some major and minor league coaches (Brett Butler, Matt Williams, Glenallen Hill, Eric Young, Mark Grace) and broadcasters (Valenzuela, Blowers, Hudler, Brantley, etc.) that I need but not sure how to track down most of the guys since many have returned to their home states/countries.

About 90% or more are signed in blue sharpie, all of the rest except 2 are in black sharpie. One is in felt tip pen (can't even remember who right now), and Derek Jeter is in ballpoint pen.

I am also working on the 1998 8x10 Studio cards which look great signed since the players usually sign really big. I have 29/36 of those, missing Bonds, Guerrero, Maddux, Erstad, Helton, Walker, and Griffey. Unfortunately I need some of these guys for both sets.


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Really cool stuff guys, it is fun to hear of everyone's progress! Anyone have scans of anything, big name players from the sets, favorite cards, stories about obtaining them, etc.?


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Its a football set but recently started the 2005 topps all american set. Only 91 cards to get signed but has some big names. Already got 18 signed by guys like staubach, lilly, sayers,butkus, campbell and a few others. The cards look really good with any sharpie and its a small set which is perfect since i dont have much money ever since i got married. Lol. Go figure