Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

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Gotta break the rules here... Complete Set 2012 Topps Captain Patch
35 Players, 8 HOF'ers, 9 Future HOF'ers... feel free to call me out on who you think will or won't be in the HOF.
**=HOF *=Future HOF
**A. Johnson, AJ Hawk, *A. Rodgers, **B. Dawkins, A. Wilson, **C. Bailey, **C. Woodson, *D. Brees, *D. Hall, D. McFadden, **D. Revis, **D. Ware, *E. Manning, F. Jackson, *J. Beason, J. Cutler, J. Freeman, J. Long, **J. Peppers, *J. Witten, *L. Fitzgerald, M. Hasselback, M. Jones-Drew, M. Lewis, M. Sanchez, M. Schaub, *M. Stafford, **P. Manning, R. Fitzpatrick, R. Seymour, S. Jackson, S. Moss, *S. Smith, T. Romo, W. McGahee