Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

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What's the average sell price if u don't mind me asking...?
Not sure. My bidding limit for a solid mid-grade exmt is $14, so I think it books for about $30 nm. Worth asking on the price check forum.
The last regular Topps player card of Sonny. Oddly enough he appears 3 years later in the 1975 Topps NFL Passing Leader card with Ken Anderson of the Bengals. I'm not sure why he did not have a card in 1973, 1974 or 1975 if he played enough to be the NFC Pasing Leader in '74.

One other oddity with one of his cards. In 1965 his Philadelphia card shows him holding the football where you could clearly read "The Duke" . I assumed he did that because he went to college at Duke. I never heard a reference to "The Duke" until decades later when Jon Gruden would say "Protect the Duke". And just now after nearly 60 years of wondering, I moments ago looked up the NFL football's "The Duke" reference and it was named after former New York Giants owner Wellington Mara who had that same nickname. I was surprised to hear that NFL footballs still have that on them to this day.

So once again I am rambling on about some vintage card. But amazingly I did ths while listening to music from Within Temptation's 2023 album! One foot in the past, one in the present and no feet in the future. I amaze myself somethimes! LMAO!!,