Silence, I KEEL YOU!!!

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
Jeff Dunham is in town for a show tonight so I went up to the coliseum this morning hoping to meet him since I wasn't able to get tickets to his show. I went inside at first and watched his crew put together the stage for a little while...they came up about 20 minutes later and told me that I had to leave and couldn't be inside while they were setting up. I went out to my car to try to find somewhere else to wait for him...the back gate was still wide open with no security around, so I drove right in and parked behind his tour bus. I sat there for a couple of hours and he finally came out with his tour manager...I didn't catch him as he got off the bus, but after he went inside to see how things were going, I got him as he was getting back on the bus. He looked like he had just woken up, but he was more than willing to sign my book (that just came out yesterday) and take a photo with me...awesome guy, if you haven't ever seen him, look him up on YouTube! :)



I also got this from Nebraska football head coach Bo Pelini via e-mail.

Also, here is a scan of the Dravecky book from yesterday...
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great stuff man. congrats!
jeff dunham is extremely funny
and the dravecky book looks awesome. i'm going to copy off of you and do the same thing
I just bought my sister 2 Dunham dvd's for her birthday Monday and she loves them. I showed her your post and she said "how cool is that".The favorite saying around our house is SILENCE I'll Kill You. Great stuff.