Sportlots listing question

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Apr 13, 2007
I'm looking for some input on how to list some Topps Stickers on Sportlots. From 1983 and earlier, it was a piece of cake since each player had their own sticker with their own sticker back. However, starting in 1984, most players share a backing with another player and they continued this through 1990.

Unfortunately, Sportlots lists all the stickers separately (because Beckett and SCD do it that way) instead of as pairs. How do I decide which player to list the sticker as, since no matter what someone buys, they're almost always going to be getting a second sticker with it.

I guess I'm leaning toward just list them with the most valuable player on the backing, and when they're both "commons" maybe list one for each if I have two copies.

Any input?

I don't think any of my customers would approve of pulling a King Solomon on these.

And Topps, if you want to bring back kids, BRING BACK STICKERS!!!


Actually, now having sorted thru the 1984s, it looks like it's not as big a deal for that set as the stickers are about 3:1 singles vs doubles. But it gets worse in 1985 and thereafter.
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