strasburg steal. thank you auctionsnipe and thank you lebron

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Apr 18, 2006
naugatuck CT
i picking up this lot for a very very good price i think

i checked before bidding and most of these were selling in the 60-70 range a couple weeks ago and probably have slowed a little until he has another good start but i would think 40-45 is a decent price to expect for these right now. i only payed 260 for 11 of them i shouldnt have much of a problem doubling my money or pretty close. this was my first snipe win and i also thank lebron james even though i cant stand him im guessing his press conference took alot of viewers away from ebay and i think i got this for a great price. im very happy as i should be able to make a good amount of money on it.
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thanks guys.

redsguy its a snipe program that allows you to fill in your max bid and then it wont enter it on the auction until there are a few seconds to go. it allows you to get things cheaper because there is no bidding war you just enter your max bid and walk away. its its free to sign up for and you only pay if you win. its 1 percent of the purchase price if you win but your first 3 snipes are free. if you do sign up it has a section for referrals if you put my ebay username down (superpieman802) i also get 3 free snipes.
It is the devil if you ever get sniped you'r likely going to need to take some of that money and buy a new mouse. I know I have.

its a killer thats for sure. ive hit some stuff after being sniped but its fun to snipe yourself though.