Topps loses NFL license

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What goes around comes around with these license agreements.

Although, sadly by doing this, they are slowly killing off a huge part of each sport's trading card fan base.
This sucks.. i like Bowman Chrome

I only do Topps products. So no more Basketball or Football for me. It will give me more time and $ to go after older cards that I need for my sets.

I love chrome, so really not good news. But at least they still have Baseball, which to me is most important.

Business is business

I wish I could find my post, but I called this back when Donruss lost their MLB license.

I think my exact call was:

Topps = MLB
Donruss = NFL

I admit I really did not see the whole Panini thing, but the rest of this I am not surprised about at all!

I'm surprised that the NFL was the last one to "trim the collecting tree" as they were so quick to grant Maddon the only official NFL video game license. I can't say as I like any moves to have monopolies on any sport, but what are we going to do? Next year is going to be interesting for baseball stuff.
Just waiting for the news to drop that Major League Lacrosse goes exclusive with Razor and Professional Bull Riders goes exclusive to SportKings.