Who to sign a Wrigley Field card?

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
For my 92 Triple Play set I'm unsure who to try TTM for an auto. For the Skydome I'm trying to get the two chief engineers that worked on its design, but obviously that won't work for Wrigley. I wish Harry Caray was still alive, and I thought about Steve Stone as he called Cubs games when I watched them as a kid (and at the time the card was produced). Then I thought about the PA announcer that sings the national anthem, Wayne Messmer. Or maybe both of those guys in lieu of a Caray/Stone dual attempt.

Right now I'm leaning toward just Messmer, and I know the real answer is "whoever I want in my collection", but I thought I'd see if any Cubs fans or other more knowledgeable folks might have ideas.

Edit: same goes for Camden Yards by the way.
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This is bad.... how about Steve Bartman?!?!
Seems like you might find that auto in an A&G box or maybe UD PofH :)
Thanks for the suggestions. I am open to additional feedback as well.
I have no clue on Santo's signing habits but assume yall wouldn't suggest an impossible sig to get, lol.