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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
Since I know many members on the bench are e-bay professionals. I want to find out if there a place on e-bay where you could ask if any sellers have something specific your looking for. And hopefully have as many people view your message and get back to you with the possibilty of finding what your looking for? I have never heard of anything like this but I am not the know all of e-bay. So I figure let me get some kind of consensus from many that are more proficient then I am at e-bay. So bring it on educate me and maybe finding cards might become as simple as the help offered.
Thank you very much
They used to have a wanted board but don't know if they still do.
I have had a few “wants” posted on there for some time with no success. I have heard some Bench members having success using it but like Nevermore said, very hit or miss.
I had no idea they still had this. When it first came out several years ago, eBay made it really easy to find and promoted it quite a bit.
buy it now / post it now

Hi the way I look at it what do you have to lose. Hey nevermore said it is also FREE. hahaha Thanks

Yes they do have a buy it now or want it now in ebay. It is free and it is hit and miss. just go to ebay type in buy it now. it will ask if you want the ebay buy it now and you can click on that and then click on learn more and it gives you the option to browse or list. and to look at what people are wanting go to browse. It is simple to use but it can be days before you get a response from anyone.