A Grand-erson return...maybe?

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Apr 29, 2008
Got an envelope back today that had my original card enclosed with no signature, but a postcard signed in silver sharpie by Curtis Granderson, not sure if it legit or not... If it is, good times, if not, it is a nice stamp job. Anyone with Tigers knowledge have any further info..

Sent out c/o The Detroit Tigers, 7/17, back 8/20.

congrats on the return!!!!! i got this card back right before he started sending the post cards they look a little off from what i can see but no one can do there name the same way all of the time... but i could be wrong....
congrats. It's not a stamp, you can see slight differences when you compare them to others out there.
You will also still see Granderson signing before home games, as seen here from 8/6:


I suspect he signs the postcards ahead of time and then saves time for the fan mail by just slipping one in.:p
Thanks for the feedback everyone. From what I can see online, the sig looks legit and it definitely isn't preprinted. I will assume it is the real deal and consider it a success.