All-Time Profit Leaders!


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Hey Guys,

I was just browsing through the Team History pages and happened to look at the total Balance number for each team. It adds up the money you've made (or lost) each season in the BSL. A few of these surprised me.

Most profitable teams all-time BSL:
1. SD $730 million. Far and away the most profitable team ever. They have the fifth highest budget in the BSL so they can spend like a big market team, even though they only have an Average market size. Amazing.
2. SF $505 million. They have the 24th highest budget, but this is actually pretty decent considering they are one of two teams in the BSL with a Tiny market size
3. OAK $404 millon. 3rd biggest budget
4. DET $327 million. 13th biggest budget
5. PIT $310 million. 6th biggest budget
6. CIN $304 million. 10th biggest budget

Lease profitable teams of all time:
23. CLE $51 million. 28th biggest budget
24. TEX $50 million. 19th biggest budget
25. LAD $28 million. 26th biggest budget
26. ATL $27 million. 17th biggest budget
27. NYY -$3.7 million. 16th biggest budget
28. STL -$61 million. 18th biggest budget

It's not to call anyone out for not making money. Just trying to point out that making money for your team owner over several years will likely get you a higher budget. It might even be more important than winning. Take PIT, for example - they have built up the 6th biggest budget by making serious $ over the years. And they've done that despite having a win pct. below .500 so this is pretty impressive to me.

Market size, fan loyalty/interest also comes in to play here. However, the average budget size of the top 6 profitable teams is 10th. The average budget size of the bottom 6 profitable teams is 21st. Don't under estimate the importance of making money for your owners. It might be the most important factor to building up a big budget.

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Two other major factors:

Park size (ie total attendance) The Dodgers have 58,000 capacity, and the Red Sox have 34218. 4,698,000 sellout season vs 2,771,268 sellout season capacity. You would almost have to double ticket prices to touch just your home earnings if both teams sold out all games.

Spending cash to go above budget, whether contract buyouts or supplementing budget (that is why Heath is so negative)