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This clown sold me a Wisler Blue Wave auto and now has seller's remorse. He "can't find" the card and will not make good on the offer that he accepted. A full refund was issued.

He also took advantage of the ebay loophole of cancelling the sale before I had an opportunity to leave feedback. Thus, due to the stupid ebay policy, I am now precluded from being able to leave him the negative that he deserves. This is the second time in 2015 that a seller has "cancelled" on me by the way. Buyers beware of this and leave your negatives fast before you lose the opportunity to do so.


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another similar problem I have had is on Sportlots. I have purchased cards there only to find out that the card(s),I paid for were already sold on E-Bay and the seller didn't remove them from his Sportlots inventory...Thus tying up my $ into"credit" for another purchase.I've said it before, 99% of the sellers I've come into contact with on either sight are good reputable people.It's the rare few who I stumble onto that makes buying such a hassle.