Quick question - How do you adjust the time the site keeps you logged in?


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So this is not a huge deal, but the site logs me out after 10 or 15 minutes of inactivity. This has been going on since I joined so it's not a new site issue. Is there a way to adjust this? This typically happens while I'm pulling cards, in the middle of a lengthy post or while I'm adjusting want/trade lists. Again, not a huge deal but I would love to fix this.



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It has to do with the cookie timeout. Right now all session cookies are set to expire after 15 minutes, so anytime you go 15 minutes without doing "something" on the site it will log you out. The only way around that is to click either the "Save?" or "Remember me?" box, depending on which page you log in on, while you're signing in. What that will do is set a session cookie that doesn't expire. Then you'll stay logged in on that device until you manually log out, whether it be 15 minutes or 15 hours.