Redemption question...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
How are Donruss or Panini about redemptions? I picked up a Louis Murphy Auto Redemption and I am just wondering about how long it will take. I know Topps is horrible and UD not much better.

Thanks, Jeremy past experience, Donruss Leaf Playoff was very good. I had redeemed multiple cards over the years.

In recent experience, not so much.

I submitted a Glenn Dorsey in October 2008 (last year) and never received the card (or a replacement even though I took the 8 month option). I finally took it upon myself to contact them, who said I could keep waiting or take a replacement of their liking ("equal value")

So instead of my 1st round auto (Glenn Dorsey) jsy/auto, I now am the proud owner of a Brad Cottom (late round pick) rookie auto. Yeah, it's gold and numbered to 100, but whatever.

Not pleased.
My experience with redemptions from Donruss has been really good. For unexpired cards I have received the card every time (around 10 of them) and I have even received cards that were expired, sometimes the card I asked for, sometimes not. I think they try a little harder than the other companies. When a few players from Donruss Classics football didn't sign, they sent me the cards unsigned as well as autos from other guys. I don't think they would ever send the redemption card back with an "EXPIRED" stamp like Topps does. Donruss quickly sends you an e-mail that they have received your card (even if it's expired) and once it's in their system, you're going to get something. I once got an auto over three years after it had expired!