Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

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If I am not mistaken, these 1972 Topps playoff/Super Bowl cards were the first ever in football. Same for the Leaders cards in that same set. Baseball had had Leaders and World Series/playoff cards for years but in 1972 football finally caught up.

I loved these old playoff cards with all the detailed game stats on the backs. There were not many gaudy stats on the back of this card and it was not due to a lack of offensive talent but rather rules which did not inhibit the defense.
Recent impulse purchase. Got it for less than I could have TTM'd him

View attachment 92590joiner by Darryl Crum II, on Flickr
Awesome card! So many people don't realize he held the al time NFL receptions and yardage marks when he retired. The guy played an astounding 18 seasons including his rookie year in the AFL. He was the last active player from the AFL as well. He just had his jersey #18 retired by the Chargers a week or so ago too.