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    My 5 Year Bench Anniversary!

    5 yrs what a nice anniversary but more importantly you have been a great member for our site. congrats
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    Cory Brother sorry to hear that things arent going great. Lmk if you need anything and I DO MEAN ANYTHING.
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    Summer Road trip! II

    Much appericated Rob
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    Summer Road trip! II

    After looking at this year Bats Sch. i think I will be taking in a game during the Paw Sox June 20- 23rd trip to Louisville. Theres a good chance the wife may be with me .So if anyone is really intrested in going lmk and we can work out the details.
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    Knee replacement on the horizon.

    Update Well after 4 weeks of P.T. and a new knee brace today, my knee is doing much better to my surprise. I went to a orthropedic doc 5 weeks ago and after he look at my knee he stated I needed a total knee done ,but at my age he was very relucent to do it. So he wanted me to try physical...
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    5 Year Anniversary

    nice anniversary congrats.
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    2010 Topps Tribute - NFL

    If the Gresham needa godd home lmk .
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    Who wants to see Rockies9Fan dance???

    Americas got talent.
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    The Bench has lost one of its best

    sad to hear the new. he will be missed.
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    HOLY MOLY!!!! an 8.9 Earthquake in Japan!!!!

    Just heard they just got nailed by an 6.8 aftershock in the same area.
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    Bench Buddy Badge??

    i see no problem with it,
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    Summer Road trip! II

    wow Robert that would be great just gotta decide if I want to do $1 hotdog and soda night or $1 beer night
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    Summer Road trip! II

    cool guys would love to meet you both. it will probably be sometime in June
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    New addition to our family!!!

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    Summer Road trip! II

    After having such a wonderful time on last years trip to Pittsburgh and getting to meeting "Mr Pittsburgh" himself Tom Fullen. I have been thinking of where to go this summer. Well with gas prices going through the roof, Im planning on toning down my trip this year. Im looking at either going to...