1 Reason I love my wife

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Jul 20, 2007
St. Louis, MO
My wife does some traveling for her work. She goes to different food manufacturing plants that her company does business with. One of the plant managers has a relative in the Phoenix Suns Game Day Operations staff. He had a Nash jersey framed in his office. My wife saw it, and mentioned how I would probably attempt to steal it. He said he could get her one. She said that would be cool, but really didnt think anything of it.

Well, he came through! God I love that woman!



The pressures on you now for her birthday and anniversary. That is one awesome pick up!
Thanks to all. I took it to a Michael's Arts and crafts, and they wanted $355 to shadowbox it. I'll either build a shadowbox myself or throw it in my fire-proof safe.
nice, you would be better off bringing it to a actual framer then somewhere like Michael's if you want someone to do it, then again you could just buy one of their shadowboxes and mat it yourself
great looking jersey, your wife has you wrapped around her finger for a while, you better do lots of dishes bro.