Curious about your 2010 collecting goals

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Oct 16, 2006
outside of Boston
I am curious about what you are going to collect in 2010 and what direction you think your collection is going to take.

For me, with all the mess around UD/MLB/MLBPA/Licenses etc., it seems to me that the only set that I will work on is the venerable Topps/Topps Traded base set. Since that won't keep me too busy for too long, I am thinking that 2010 will see me concentrating on my 70's Topps sets. My ultimate goal has always been to have a set for every year of my life. Next year will hopefully get me closer to that goal.

Anyway, let me know what you are going to do in 2010.

My main goal is to complete my Topps run from 1973-2010. Only need 24 cards to complete the run but I do need a couple of big ones (Yount and Schmidt rookies). But if I could stop buying inserts and other stuff I would have the money for those two cards.

And I would love to see the YSL project completed.

I am also working on a Topps set collection from birth year to the present, goal will be to complete five more years in 2010. Also would like to add a minimum of 200 additional cards to my Kirby Puckett collection. And finally, add 100 more TTM's to my collection.
i would also like to complete a few more topps sets from my birth year to present. I would like to get to the bench HOF and beef up my PC a little
For almost 3 years now I have been working on a 1909-1911 T206 set and pick up a few when I can, but since Topps issued their new T206 set, I am going to try to build the base & mini (Piedmont & Polar Bear) sets.

Nice thread topic. Its interesting to see what other collectors are doing.
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Other than 2010 Heritage,nothing new in cards.
Hopefully we'll do a case break.:)
Some sets from the recent past.....03 chrome
& 03 playball still need a few.
Vintage,I'll probably continue to add to the 57
& 58 sets,both are over 90%.
Lastly,the pc can always use a couple of nice gu
and/or autos.
I don't think I'll set any goals for set or player collections. I am going to set a TTM goal, I will announce it in the autographs/discussion thread and track it there once I finally arrive on a number. I has been too long since I added to my T218 boxing set so maybe I'll make it a point to get a few of those.
I am going to try and finish some of my vintage Topps football sets and vintage Topps Basketball sets Plus some of my baseball sets.
Topps flagship and Heritage, for sure. Ginter, assuming it's back, and as for everything else I'll have to wait and see. Usually did a couple of UD sets a year, including the flagship. But without the MLB license, I'll have to see how it turns out first.
I would like to complete my 1975 and 1976 Topps sets:
START: 765/1320
CURRENT: 800/1320
END: ??

I am going to work on getting all the SP cards from the 2009 Topps and Topps Traded so I can complete this set. I will have to buy the majority of those:
START: 1/61
CURRENT: 16/61
END: ??

Would like to get to 300 Beckett Recognized cards on my Charlie Hough collection:
START: 245/342
CURRENT: 250/342
END: ??

Would also like to pick up another 20 cards for my 1988 Topps and Topps Traded autograph set project:
START: 471
END: ??

Latest addition/s (05-12-2010):

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I hope to reach these milestones in the upcoming year:
- Paul O'Neill Collection --> 1,000 mark (currently 950)
- 1952-2009 Yankees Topps Team Sets --> 1,500 mark (currently 950)
- 1986/87 Fleer Basketball Set --> 125 mark (currently 115)
- '90s Yankees Autos --> 25 mark (currently 11)

Other collecting goals:
- Get my first 1/1
- Send out TTMs for Spring Training 2010
- Acquire all 1987 Cone, and 1992 Brosius rookies
- Finish up all non-sport sets (Ninja Turtles I, II; Marvel I, II; Masterpieces I, II; X-Men I, II)
- Start scanning my O'Neill collection
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First and foremost to see the YSL charity set completed and auctioned off.

After that it would be nice to crack 1475 Henderson and 800 different Casey cards.

continue to fill the Baledlli master collection and try to complete the entire 08 topps refractor set, and start making dents in the blue and chrome refractor versions too... phew!
Continue to work on these:
-HOF and Older player autos from most sports.
-Ahmad Bradshaw collection
-try to pick up a few nice GU/patch cards
-get back in to TTM for Spring Training (missed out this year )
-Take one of my boys to his first baseball game and maybe get his first IP auto.
I'm going to go for the 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1, 2 and U/H set and the 2010 Topps Football set -- just like I've done for the past few years.

I'd also like to try to put together another baseball set. I was thinking about working on the 2009 Upper Deck baseball set this year, but I never got around to it. Maybe I'll find another set to work on next year.

Also, I plan to work on baseball base sets that I don't have from 1979-2009.
A few of mine...

Player collections
  • Will Clark
    1. Sort the rest of my doubles
    2. Pick up 50 more Tiffany rookies
    3. Trade and sell doubles to other Clark collectors
    4. Sell the last of my PSA cards to registry collectors
  • Darin Erstad
    1. Knock off 100 or more cards from my wants (missing about 400)
    2. Find card serial # 4/4 for the 2003 Sweet Spot Barrel, I have other 3.
    3. Pick up a White Sox GU bat
    4. Find another game jersey from a team I don't have
  • Bucky Jacobsen
    1. Finish up my wantlist. I need 16 total cards (6 1/1, 10 others)
    2. Find a road Mariners GU jersey to go with my home jersey
  • Eddie Murray
    1. Add my first Murray game bat to my collection
    2. Knock off 100 or more cards from my wants

  1. Finish my personal collection website & settle on how to display cards
  2. Scan more cards
  3. Have everything put away and ordered
  4. Donate all my commons (want them?)
  5. Figure out how to display all my GU jerseys, bats etc

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