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This is a relatively active trading board and from time to time I run into the dilemma where someone will inquire about a card on one of my posts and then almost immediately I will get another inquiry on the same card via PM or sometimes in the same thread. Other times someone will inquire about a card and ask for a sale price, which I give.Hours or even a day will go by without me hearing from them and in the meantime someone else will inquire on the same card. Other times someone will inquire about a card and are supposedly getting a tradelist together, and once again someone else will inevitably inquire about the same card. I put Trader B on hold waiting on Trader A and never hear back. When I try to go back to Trader B they are no longer interested or no longer have the cards I am looking for etc. I am quite certain that there has been a time or two that I have missed out on a good trade playing the waiting game on that first inquiry. In the opinion of some of you prolific veteran traders here, what is the proper way to handle such situations? I try to go by the mantra of "first come,first served" and try to be courteous and honest with anyone I am dealing with, but at the same time I know I am losing out. Should I be remaining more non committal in the preliminary stages of structuring a trade?

I am sorry if there is a place here that already lines this sort of thing out, but I would like some insight from some of you other folks on these sorts of matters here at the Bench. Thanks and any responses are much appreciated. Thanks.



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I would trade with whoever has their crap ready & organized to trade with you. That is just my opinion but if you do wait on someone who isn't ready to trade or has their list organized to submit to you then you may lose out on a trade. Just my 2 cents.


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The above post stated it perfectly. While I know this is just a hobby it happens to be my hobby. Trade with and how you feel comfortable. There are some people who are never going to be happy no matter what. I have made offers that have been turned down only to "reconsidered" a couple days later. I tell them it is too late now and all of a sudden I become the bad guy. I have made enough trades on here to realize that I will do what I think is best for me. I feel like you should do the same.


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Josh -
Yes to all the above. I like to give the 1st responder first shot, but if none of my wants are there, then it is time to move to the next trader. Trade your cards for what you want, not out of obligation because someone posted first.


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I'm one of those traders who doesn't have every card I own on some sort of trade list.
Because of my work schedule, I don't have time to organize my cards. For me I believe it's
common courtesy to give a trader 1st crack at it if the response is 1st. This is my hobby as
well and not a business. If I respond early in a thread and don't get consideration in an
orderly fashion, I won't trade. For me it's as simple as that. Trading is a two-way street
and should work equally for both or more parties. Butch
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Hard to lump every situation into a firm rule. I would probably lay out some guidelines if this is happening to you frequently, such as you'll deal with the first trader who inquires, but there is a time limit. Remember that you are not dealing with real time here, all of the time. You might miss out of a trade here and there, but you might lose a trade partner for good who may have been willing and able to trade many cards with you over time.

If I am serious about an item and I reach out to someone who says they'll work with me, then have that item traded away from under me before I had a chance to finish the deal…that leaves a real sour taste in my mouth for that person.

How important is that single trade to you?


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Agree with all the above, and in the era of iphones, its not like people dont have the ability to get the message and respond in a timely manner, even if it is "I'm not home, let me get back to you"

People not responding one way or the other makes me want to move on quickly!

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